Jokes for Public Speaking to Calm Your Rattled Nerves

Great speakers are usually pretty good at using humor when they speak.
If you want to be seen as a good speaker, you’ll need to find a way to
make people laugh. The problem with jokes is that everyone knows when
you’ve told a joke. They then have the option to either laugh or not.
How would you like to never be in a situation where no one laughs at
one of your jokes?

Here is how to do it.

Tell stories instead of jokes. When you tell what you think is a funny
story. People can react one of two ways. They can laugh, or they can
just sit their. If you are telling a story, it won’t matter. When you
tell a story that you think will get people to roll over laughing,
sometimes you’ll be right. Other times you won’t. When people don’t
laugh at what you think was a funny story, who cares? It was just a

Jokes when you speak can be pretty dangerous. You can have them fall
flat. You can offend members of the audience. Your delivery may not be
very good.

Stories are different. Everyone can tell stories. That’s what we do
all day long. When you talk with your friends, you tell them
interesting things (you hope) that have happened to you since you last
saw them.

I’m sure you know some people who you think are extremely funny. Next
time you’re hanging out with them see how many actual jokes they tell.
I think you’ll be surprised. Unless they are professional commedians,
most people are funny because of the amusing tales they weave.

Your lesson? Don’t tell jokes. They may not work. Tell stories. If
they do work and people laugh, great! If they don’t, no harm, no foul!

Go to your bookshelf right now. Find that book on telling jokes. Now
take that book and put it in a pile to take to your local Goodwill or
Salvation Army. Let someone else make themselves look foolish by
trying to tell jokes. You can be the one that everyone thinks is funny
because of the crazy stories you tell.